Systems ListSVSPB12-NSD (2012)

System typeVented
Driver Size12 "
Number of drivers1
Internal volume3.3 ft3
External volume4.71 ft3
Dimentions (Width Height Depth)20.9 " 17.7 " 22 "
Weight66 lbs
Native Tuning Frequency20 Hz
Power400 W
Aprox. Price$769 USD


This is SVS's entry level vented subwoofer and utilizes a generous sized vented enclosure with a front firing 4" flared port and a 12" aluminum cone driver. The driver is a quality piece which is modified to SVS's specifications off of the Peerless XLS platform. The system tuning is at about 20Hz. The 400w rated amplifier is part of SVS's Sledge platform and is also a high quality piece. The enclosure is very solidly built and braced and comes in a black vinyl wrap as the only finish option. The curved perforated metal grill is another unique SVS feature. The sum total of these parts is a very impressive and good looking subwoofer for the as delivered price of $769. As usual SVS has tuned it to near perfection with ruler flat response cleanly extended top end, low distortion and bulletproof protection circuits. It isn't the loudest subwoofer in town but it is no weakling either and offers exceptional at the limit control and a healthy dose of output down to the 16-20Hz range for a modest investment. It also happens to sound as good as it's measurements suggest it should. Another very solidly executed product from SVS. 

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