Drivers ListFaital Drivers18HP1060

Motor TypeOverhung
Driver Size18 "
Driver Weight15 lbs
Coil Diameter4 "
Coil MaterialCU
Coil Length1.1378 "
Gap Height0.47244 "
Manufacture's Xmax12.45 mm
Geometric Xmax8.5 mm

TS Parameters (Measured by

Fs37.2 Hz
Res5 Ω
Le 1khz1.64 mH
Sd0.1124 m2
Vas160.4 liters
Mms200.7 grams
Cms91 μm/N
BL25.06 Tm
BL2/Res125.6 N2/W
L/R Time Constant0.33 milliseconds
SplSens95.3 dB


Faital is a large Italian based manufacturer of high quality professional audio transducers. The 18HP1060 is one of their high power 18 inch bass drivers near the top of their range. It features a 4" diameter copper voice coil wound on a glass fibre former with a 29mm winding height. The coil is suspended in a 12mm tall gap in an overhung arrangement. The motor utilizes an inner slug of neodymium magnet material of unkown grade and has extensive venting with a large pole vent and a few perimeter vents in the return case. The motor also houses a large aluminum shorting ring to help lower distortion and keep the inductance variation vs coil displacement more linear. The frame is a proprietary cast aluminum Faital piece, with a shallow flowing design, which hugs the cone and motor tightly and keeps the driver compact. The cone is a pressed and coated paper as typically seen in professional bass drivers, with a matching paper dustcap. The suspension system consists of a pair of cloth spiders of about 7" diameter and arranged with a bit of space between and a triple roll accordian type surround. The terminals are a set of heavy duty spring loaded binding posts. The driver is rated with a 1200w AES power handling and a 1w/1m sensitivity of 98dB. The xmax rating is 12.5mm despite the geometric ovehang being only 8.5mm mathematically. Xdamage is listed at 21mm one way.

The build quality of this driver is quite good. The overall frame diameter is slightly undersized from many 18's and the SD is listed at 1124cm which is a bit lower than usual for an 18". The driver depth is rather short at only 8.5" and with a weight of about 15lbs this driver is compact and lightweight compared to the majority of other high power 18" drivers on the market. The 15lb weight especially is welcome. The parameter measurements pulled from this driver were very close to the manufacturer specs. Easily within production tolerance and individual break in. Faital lists the xmax of this driver at 12.5mm, which it will do, but the geometric xmax is only 8.5mm of coil overhang and it is starting to lose composure at 12.5mm of stroke. It seems that the suspension may be limiting the driver somewhat which might be an extra safety measure. The suspension seems to become extremely tight quite quickly. The sound quickly degrades past that point and with an xmech of only 21mm it is best not to plan to use this driver past the xmax rating at all. It is a good sounding driver which certainly offers low midbass distortion and the ability to operate well as a woofer with crossover points up to 400-500hz but as a true heavy duty subwoofer it is a bit light on displacement for todays material. It will certainly handle a good amount of amplifier power thermally but it doesn't have the stroke to produce huge amounts of headroom below 40hz. This driver would be best kept to reproducing content above 30Hz in vented, bandpass, or horn alignments which will help to increase the output and keep the driver excursion down. 

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