May 31, 2018

JTR Captivator 2400-ULF

The little brother of the 4000-ULF tested! 
All measurements and notes are uploaded for viewing. 

Oct 14, 2017

Rythmik Audio's new F18, FV18 & FV25HP Subwoofers

After many many years we have finally gotten around to examining three of the newer Rythmik subwoofers. Please see the systems reviews and measurements section for more details on the new F18 sealed and F18 vented servo subs and the bid dual 15" vented FV25HP. 
Sept 28, 2017

WW Speakercabinets X-21 and B&C 21DS115-4

This large 21 inch driver cabinet from WW Speakercabinets and designed by Mark Seaton ended up being a multi directional shotgun blast of data. Not only is the new cabinet offering from WW Speakercabinets looked at but also the new B&C 21DS115-4 driver and the Behringer Inuke 3000DSP. This effort ended up being 4 full sets of measurements with a lot to digest. Dig in.
Sept 25, 2017

KRK Systems 12S2 Reviewed

KRK Systems smaller vented 12 inch subwoofer offers some high points, but also some low points. Read all about it under the system and measurement notes. 
Sept 20, 2017

JTR Speakers Captivator 212Pro Testing

Here again we have yet another subwoofer test for JTR Speakers. This time it is the new 212Pro subwoofer. A compact dual 12 inch vented sub that is both smaller and lighter than the JTR Growler sub, the 212Pro is available in both a passive and active version. Read more about it and check out the measurements in the "systems" section.
May 30, 2017

JTR Captivator 118HT Testing Completed

Spring is here again and JTR Speakers wanted to have their relatively new Captivator "light" evaluated so here we are again with yet another JTR subwoofer review. The 118HT is a little less powerful than some of the other JTR subs that have come across the bench, but it is also a bit lighter and more affordable. It continues the family tradition of performance and reliability though. Read more in the measurements section. 
Apr 12, 2017

1000 Measurements:Skhorn Subwoofer with 21Ipal

It may just be adequate...
Sept 8, 2016

Focusworks Audio GUJ18v1 Sealed and GUJ21v1 Large Sealed Measurements Posted

Measurements and data for the Focusworks GUJ18v1 driver in the standard "small" 4.2ft or 120L 18" sealed cab are now uploaded. Measurements for the big brother GUJ21v1 in the new 11.3ft or 320L "large" sealed system are also uploaded. 

Aug 25, 2016

Focusworks Audio GUJ18v1 DB18V Vented Cabinet Test Results

The GUJ18v1 is the first driver to be tested in the new DB18V vented cabinet that will be used for testing drivers in a vented alignment with tunings between 15-26Hz or that like a larger sealed airspace than the usual 4.2ft sealed enclosure. A mode comparison is included that compares the 4 alignments directly. Between the individual measurements and the mode comparison there is a lot of information here about this driver and also about how design choices and cabinet types and tunings affect the final performance. 
Aug 8, 2016

JTR Captivator 4000-ULF

Measurements and test notes for JTR Speaker new dual 18 vented subwoofer are uploaded and it is a brute. It is a double XL size sub and it certainly performs like one. One or two of these bad boys should handle even the largest home theaters with ease. 
Jul 21, 2016

M.A.U.L. Measurements and Notes Added

Pure auditory finesse, shrouded in gossamer trappings of instantaneous, subtle clarity. Bass so nimble and airy it made me wonder if I smelled the telltale musk of the delicate toots of fairies blowing on the winds from its mouth. 

None of the above applies here...We're off the edge of the map folks. This is where monsters lurk in uncharted waters. 
May 12, 2016

B&C 21-Ipal Drivers Dual Opposed in 5.5ft Sealed

A pair of B&C Speakers biggest, nastiest drivers are shoehorned into a tiny sealed airspace, in a return to the old 21" dual opposed cabinet, first used with the B&C 21SW152-4 drivers. 

Result...That is one chest caving 24" cube. We are not sure how much more efficiency or output could be gotten out of a cabinet this size. 
May 11, 2016

Funk Audio FW21.0 Measurements and Notes Added

Funk Audio delivers another powerhouse compact sealed system. 
May 11, 2016

Focusworks Audio GUJ18v1 LARGE Sealed Results...

This 18 is the first driver to be tested in the new Data-Bass 18" variable alignment cab (DBV18 for short). The new cab allows for 3 different vent tunings with large airspace and vent area and also a sealed alignment with all vents blocked which will give drivers more suited to bigger cabinets 290L or about 10cu ft to work with. The GUJ18v1 parameters seemed to lend themselves to a large sealed cabinet and the measurements confirmed this with impressively extended natural deep bass response, low power requirements and excellent freedom from compression. 
May 11, 2016

Aurasound NS-18-994A 4.2cube Sealed Measurements Uploaded

This old driver design still looks cutting edge compared to most and still performs quite well. 
May 10, 2016

Focusworks Audio GUJ18v1 and GUJ21v1 Drivers

Upstart Focusworks Audio sent in an 18 and 21" representative of their GUJ long stroke, underhung bass drivers with 4.5" voice coils and neo motors. 
Nov 20, 2015

More JTR Speakers Testing...

Nov 20, 2015

XTZ Sound 3X12 Measurements Loaded...

Oct 30, 2015

New Drivers Added

Couple of new drivers added to the list.

Aurasound NS18-994-A
Alpine SWR-1522D
Stereo Integrity HST-18d2 version 2
Sept 3, 2015

Orion HCCA-152 Sealed Measurements Uploaded!

This 70lb 15 is one of the first to be tested in the new 3 cubic foot sealed test enclosure that will be used for all 15 inch drivers going forward. The HCCA-152 is not the most delicate driver out there but it has a lot of displacement if you need something to cram in a relatively small sealed box.

Sept 3, 2015

FI SP4 18D1 Sealed Results Uploaded

Check out the measurements for the biggest 18 we have gotten our hands on that has come out of the FI build house.
May 22, 2015

JTR Orbit Shifter Pro Measurements Uploaded!

This big horn loaded cab from JTR actually pushed the all time CEA-2010 scores up a few notches in a couple of the bandwidths.
May 21, 2015

JTR Captivator 1400 Measurements Uploaded.

This one has been a long time coming but it was worth the wait. The brand new Cap1400 certainly does not perform like it is the little brother in the lineup.
May 21, 2015

JTR Growler Measurements Uploaded

JTR Speakers "little" sub packs a big punch.
May 18, 2015

Dayton Audio UM18-22 Sealed Measurements Added

Dayton produces yet another bang for the buck contender.
May 16, 2015

Stereo Integrity HS24 BIG Sealed Measurements Now Posted!

Surprise! REALLY big driver in BIG cab makes a LOT of bass.

Turns out it does other things well too.
May 5, 2015

Fi Car Audio SP4 18D1 Added...

Slowly but surely moving on up the chain of Fi drivers we now have our hands on the SP4 series. The parameters pulled from the driver and its general build quality are encouraging. The full battery of outdoor measurements will be coming soon. Stay tuned.  
Apr 30, 2015

Orion HCCA-152 Driver Added

This overgrown 15" from Orion weighs north of 70lbs and offers some interesting features such as a field replaceable cone assembly, over-sized square frame and a back plate heat sink. With a massive 4" voice coil and tons of venting it aught to handle some power and the parameters indicate that it could be a good option for small to moderate sized sealed box use.




Apr 29, 2015

Dayton Audio UM18-22 Driver

Dayton Audio has sent in a review sample of their UM18-22 18" driver and the results so far are quite good. The small signal parameters, impedance curve and technical assessment of the driver design and construction are available on the "Drivers" page. Stay tuned for high voltage measurements in the coming weeks!
Nov 6, 2014

Reaction Audio PV15X and PS15X Measurements!

Internet direct newcomer Reaction Audio sent in their PV15X vented and PS15X sealed subwoofers for testing a few months ago and the results are finally in. Enjoy...
Oct 26, 2014

German Engineering! BMS 18N862 Sealed Measurements...

This European woofer puts up an impressive set of measurements with no apparent weaknesses other than a BIG sticker.
Oct 25, 2014

RBH SX-1212R Measurements Have Been Added!

This big, dual 12 inch driver, Speakerpower loaded, vented sub from RBH carries a hefty sticker, but it also packs a big bite. Its maximum output capabilities in the 16-32Hz octave put it at or near the top of all commercial subs that have been measured to date.
Oct 20, 2014

SVS SB13-Ultra Measurements Viewable!

The lone sealed subwoofer in SVS Ultra lineup the SB13-Ultra provides the qualities typical of an SVS product with excellent finishing, good output, tons of features and superior protection from abuse.
Oct 18, 2014

Sundown Zv4 18D2 Sealed Test Results

Sundown provides another beastly sub with the Zv4 series. Very similar to the SI HST-18 but more optimized for a car audio application the Zv4 provides long excursion with huge mechanical clearances and excellent power handling.
Oct 3, 2014

JBL 2242HPL Sealed Test Results Available!

JBLs venerable 18 inch professional driver puts in a session in the outdoor test area.
Sept 20, 2014

Stereo Integrity HST-18 Sealed Box Test is Now Up...

The test results for the biggest 18 from Stereo Integrity in the standard Data-Bass 4.2 cube sealed enclosure, show a driver with tons of low end potential for home theater.
Sept 16, 2014

Sundown Audio ZV4 18D2 Driver Added...

This is another solid offering from Sundown. This driver offers tons of displacement potential, high power handling, is built to take some abuse and has double shorting rings in the motor.
Jun 16, 2014

SE series Powersound Subs Measured!

Powersound sent in their smallest, most cost effective XS-15SE sealed subwoofer and their biggest vented model, the XV-30FSE to have them run through the measurement gauntlet. Both prove to offer the high value and solid all around performance Powersound is focused on providing with its products. 
May 31, 2014

JL Audio E Series...Little Fire-Crackers

The new line of more affordable sealed subs from Florida bass masters JL Audio... The E series subwoofers pack about as much bass as you can expect to get from less than 75 liters of external space.
May 30, 2014

Chase HT SS18.1 Measurements Uploaded!

Measurements and testing notes for this 18" sealed cabinet are now online. This is a low cost, easy to drive cabinet which offers good all around performance similar to the VS18.1 subwoofer but with less low bass output capability and an easier form factor to deal with. The SS18.1 (Now discontinued for a new model) was an option for those not willing to build or lacking the skills to DIY or put together a kit, but still wanting something different than the powered subwoofers on the ID subwoofer market.
May 20, 2014

Stereo Integrity HS24 Driver Added to the Archives

Stereo Integrity sends the biggest driver we have ever encountered here at Data-Bass. With the cone area of two 18 inch drivers combined and huge amounts of stroke, this one should be fun.
Dec 27, 2013

Stereo Integrity HST-18 D2 Driver added

This bruiser just arrived a few days ago and is soon to become part of the Stereo Integrity lineup. The initial parameters pulled from the driver and impedance and free air testing are encouraging...
Nov 19, 2013

All sensitivity measurements now normalized

After recieving numerous inquiries about changing the sensitivity measurements from a voltage that produces no more than 1 watt of power into the minimum cold impedance in the passband of interest for the system, to the more standard voltages with less variance between systems...All sensitivity measurements will now be normalized to 2.83 volts for 8ohm nominal systems, 2.0 volts for 4 ohm nominal systems and 1.23 volts for 2 ohm nominal systems.
Nov 12, 2013

Martin Logan Dynamo 1500X Measurements Added

Results from the measurement session of ML's tiny 600w 15" sealed subwoofer indicate it is a capable platform but better served to smaller spaces or listeners with a little restraint on the volume.
Sept 12, 2013

Fi Q 18d2 Sealed Test Posted

Yet another rugged car audio driver from the Fi build house...
Sept 11, 2013

HSU VTF-15H Test Results Released

HSU's $1000 vented entry brings the goods and shows remarkable flexibility. It could use a little bit tighter limiting or high pass filtering and it's big but it offers a whole lot of sub for about a G and otherwise is very capable...Lots of boom for a reasonable amount of dough.

Dec 31, 2012

It is that time of year again...

Time to take advantage of the weather and run some new bass systems through the gauntlet...There are a bunch of new systems to test in 2013 that are already lined up and some others that are being worked on. Stay tuned...

On that note 2 new systems have been tested and added to the Data-Bass. One is the sealed system test of the Obsidian Audio 18" driver, which at less than $200 offers a whole lot of displacement capability for cash strapped bass heads.

System #2 is a new 18" vented test cab that has been added to the enclosure lineup. It is a compact 25Hz unit which barely houses the port and an 18" driver. The first driver tested in this new cab is the excellent BMS 18n862 which offers a compelling mix of high displacement, low THD, high power handling and very lightweight.

 Stay tuned...

Nov 13, 2012

Distortion and Output Compression Graphs Updated

All output compression and distortion measurements are now loaded into High-Charts.

Distortion measurements are now charted an additional 2/3rd of an octave higher all of the way up to 200Hz. 

The component distortion graph now shows the percentage on a linear scale instead of Log. Additionally the scale extents have been reduced from a 100% maximum down to 45%. This is to help improve clarity and detail in the range of interest.

The THD graphs have had the scale increased from 30% up to 45% in order to be consistent with the component graphs.
Oct 11, 2012

TC Sounds Pro5100 18 Sealed Enclosure Test Added. Plus others. All Long Term Output Compression Sweeps For Passive Speakers Now Updated With Corresponding Input Voltage!

More progress is being made on the back end of the website. All systems have had the measurements imported into High Charts for comparison. We still have a few measurement sets that are not active yet such as group delay and distortion. These are being worked on. All long term output compression graphs for passive cabinets now have the voltage input for each sweep listed. Input power can be estimated by looking at the impedance measurements. 

The TC Pro5100 turns in an excellent all around performance in the standard 18" sealed test box. It shows a good balance between pro audio top end sensitivity and the super long throw needed for high output deep bass extension. Test results are here

New sealed enclosure test results are also available for the Sundown SA-15 high value 15" driver and the RE Audio MX-18 and are accessible from the systems page.
Aug 24, 2012

Chase VS18.1 system and RE Audio XXX 18d2 power port design measurement results have been added.

Chase Home Theater's big vented cab provides a hefty bang for the buck quotient and a lot to like if you can deal with the size and look. Passive cabinets also give options to guys who might want to try to DIY but do not have the means or tools to do the building themselves. 

Meanwhile the giant vented XXX 18 system shatters the CEA-2010 records at 10 and 12.5Hz while producing slabs of gratuitous 10-31.5Hz bass.
Jun 4, 2012

db 2.5 launched!

We're excited to release our new restyled site and a few upgraded features. db-2.5 now includes the Highcharts javascript API. This powerful graphing tool allows us to leverage dynamically generate charts rather than relying on static images. The advantage is now we can perform real time comparisons and use up-to-date dynamically compiled data. For example the CEA 2010 all-time max and min are now calculated on the fly and the chart is generated at your disposable. So even if we added a new system that changes these values, they will be automatically updated.

Additionally, we have a new feature on every measurement page that allows you to select any additional system to create an overlay series (using AJAX) for comparison. Overlay graphs are rendered in purple. You'll be able to compare any system to any other system on the same chart with relative data. This new tool has never been available for pre measured subwoofers until now. Check out the DTS-10 LMS-R Measurements as an example.

Currently we have not input the full amount of raw data for every measurement we have taken. We have recently developed an easy to use content management system to manage this data and we will be updating our database over the next few months. The final result will be a fully dynamic data set that does not use any static images whatsoever…. Expect for photos.

Finally Jeff Bagby has agreed to let us use his Woofer Box Model and Circuit Designer software and incorporate it into We will be tediously converting the visual basic code into javascript and mesh it with the Highcharts API. The final results will be the most flexible and easy to use box modeling software developed. It will also work on tablets and mobile phones without the need to download an App. You'll be able to create, model, share and compare your systems to any other system either measured or modeled.

No release date for this feature yet. Tentatively scheduled for db-3.0

May 16, 2012

Adding a 9k beast to the bass

The Paradigm Signature Sub 2 gets a close examination by
  • 6 x 10" Long throw drivers with 3" overhung voice coils
  • 4500W RMS
  • Mass balanced sealed cabinet
  • Over 9 liters of displacement
  • MSRP: $8999
See what makes this 230 pound beast tick..

Apr 26, 2012

Results for various drivers tested in our standard sealed enclosures now live!

As part of regular driver testing they will now be tested in one of our standard sealed enclosures. This is an easy way to keep everything relative and since sealed enclosures are the smallest, simplest, most predictable and well protected design it makes since to use them for quick measurements of various drivers and evaluation of their design characteristics and trade offs.

The first batch are live now including the:

Many more are coming...

Apr 1, 2012

Happy April 1, but these drivers are no joke

Two more top tier drivers added to the bass:
18Sound, 21LW1400
Sundown Audio, Zv3 18D1
Mar 5, 2012

More Driver Tests Added

Four more car audio drivers added to our list:
SSA Xcon 18D2
Fi SSD 18D2
RE Audio MX18 D2
PSI eD 13AV2 (Recone)
Mar 1, 2012

Results for the sealed dual opposed B&C 21SW152-4

After a really long delay since our initial test this system has finally been correctly retested armed with the current equipment and amplifier and a little more wisdom. We have had to increase the scale of the maximum output graphs for this one. 

Feb 23, 2012

SVS PB12-NSD Measurement results uploaded

SVS produced another strong all around performer with their current iteration of their entry level vented sub.  >100dB at 20Hz 2 meters outdoor ground plane, low distortion and a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty make a compelling case for this 12" thumper.

Feb 13, 2012

Mach 5 Audio UXL-18 driver test added!

Driver test results and commentary on Mach 5's new 18" beast are now available on the driver page. 

Feb 8, 2012

Message boards have arrived

Please create an account and say hello!
Feb 5, 2012 forums coming soon

Shortly we will be adding a forum to the website to enable more people to discuss and interact about subwoofer systems and designs.

Feb 3, 2012

New System test added: TC Sounds LMSR-12 with Dual 15" VMP

This test was conducted a few months back and it has finally been edited down and uploaded.

A new driver test has only been added for the Fi Car Audio Q18 D2.

Jan 24, 2012

Added a new home page officially is a "real" website now because we have a new home page and a twitter account. More updates coming soon! Follow us at @databass_audio

Jan 5, 2012

New Addition-Velodyne DD18+

The measurements and data for Velodyne's flagship Digital Drive Plus subwoofer are now live.

Dec 26, 2011

Updating all systems to CEA-2010

You may have noticed a number of  the systems have missing SPL numbers in the charts. These systems were among the first measured and we are going to be remeasuring them with our more powerful amplifier and under CEA-2010 THD specifications so they match up to the remainder of our tested systems.

Happy Holidays!

Dec 3, 2011

Version 2 Launched!

It took a few extra weeks, but the new version is here. We have a lot of new systems, articles and drivers and we'll be adding many more soon but in a much shorter delivery cycle than we previously have had. Thanks for your continued support and enjoy!

Josh & Kyle

Oct 29, 2011

Version 2 Launch Date - 11/11/11

We promise plenty of new subs and features that are included in our new updated website. We also have created a completely custom management system so that future updates will happen much faster and at a more consistent rate. Our new release will include systems from SVS, Elemental Designs, Epik, Rythmik and more including the brutal DIY GJALLERHORN which is our first system tested at 2 meters groundplane rms to produce over 120dB at 20Hz not only under CEA-2010 but also during long term output compression testing!

Sept 24, 2011

Data-Bass (version 2)

Hello data-bass followers, Good news!

We'll be launching our second version of very soon. The new version mostly includes back-end changes to the custom content management system. Our new robust system is specifically designed for our own loudspeaker database and now has a number of new features that allow us to more easily manage the content so new information can be presented to you more often. We'll also include a slew of new systems, drivers and articles for you to chew on with the new update.

Mar 27, 2011

Sponsorship page

We added a new sponsorship page and we are now accepting sponsorship contribution for our testing efforts. We do need your help and we appreciate any amount you can put towards our cause. Currently we fund our 100% of efforts out of our own pock and while we’re committed to continued testing, any additional resources are extremely welcome and greatly appreciated.

Exciting news about our next round of testing will be announced in the next few weeks. Thank you for your support!

Feb 11, 2011

Site Updates

We changed a bit of the UI to make it look a tad more spiffy. We will likely be doing UI updates as an ongoing thing for the next few months.

For our second round of testing we’re looking to put together some popular commercial subwoofer systems and some new drivers that have yet to be put to the test by anyone! No date for a deadline yet, but the next round will use a full 10,000 watts of power so we won’t have too much clip limitations.

Feb 7, 2011

Bug fixes

We have a few bugs that we're sorting out. We noticed a compatibility issue with IE7 where the navigation menu did not work. This should be fixed now, but please report if you're still having issues with IE7. Thanks for the feedback!

Feb 4, 2011


Launched the site today, hooray! Many more tests to come, stay tuned and we appreciate your support.

Feb 3, 2011

Welcome to Data-Bass

Welcome to After quite a bit of work and a few hiccups along the way, we’re off and running with our beta version! We only have a handful of systems tested and entered into our database at this time, but our system is designed to scale up quite a bit, so we hope to add many more systems this year and the next! We could use your help in this endeavor. If you are interested in temporarily sending in a system or woofer to be evaluated and have the data added as part of Data-Bass then please email our staff. We have the resources available to handle even very large, bulky and powerful systems. Your feedback is also encouraged. We are receptive to your comments, criticism and suggestions, so if you have an idea for a new test, a suggestion for the site itself, or a comment on how to improve Data-Bass drop us an email.

Our goal is a simple one: To provide real and relative measurements among home, car and pro audio subwoofers in order to advance the understanding of system design, tradeoffs and real world performance characteristics. We are not trying to prove one system is better or worse than the next but we do hope to reveal information about performance that may be difficult to otherwise compare. We would not likely be here today if it was not for the efforts and inspiration of other enthusiasts and their test sessions that have gone before. Ilkka Rissanen, Ed Mullen, Charlie (Slartibartfast), the various ProSound subwooofer shootouts, etc, etc.. who have compiled a considerable list of relative data for home audio, pro and diy subwoofers. We would like to continue the tradition of accurate no-nonsense evaluations while hopefully expanding on the concept in the process. We want to evaluate as wide of a range of brands, sizes and types of systems as possible in order to gather and spread accurate knowledge and separate myth from fact about subwoofer performance. We hope you enjoy!

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